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We pride ourselves on blending the complexities of modern medical technology, personalized care and close coordination with medical care providers to treat you in a patient-centered environment.

Community Hospital - NOW HIRING!
Grand Valley Oncology - Now Accepting Patients. CALL TODAY at 970-254-3180.

Grand Valley Oncology Staff:
Diane Melancon, MD
Joanne Virgilio, DO
Ruth Higdon, MD
Sudy Jahangiri, MD
Jonathan D. King, MD
Gayle Miller, MD
J. Ryan Bagley, MD
Kathryn Tarman, MD
Katie Lemas, CGC
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Community Hospital Offers Comprehensive Surgical Weight Loss Program - NOW ACCEPTING MEDICARE!

Community Hospital along with four local, board-certified general surgeons; Andrew J. Morse, DO; Teyen P. Shiao, MD; James J. Hanosh, Jr, MD; and Eric J. Hanly, MD, have created a full-spectrum bariatric program for those looking for surgical weight-loss options.
Our program offers LapBand®, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass surgery. Four rooms in east wing have been remodeled to accommodate our bariatric patients. Please click here for more information on our comprehensive bariatric program.
Call today for information:
Surgical Weight Loss
(970) 242-9123
Introducing the new Colorado West Woman Care website
Canyon View Plastic Surgery Launches New Website!
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